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These IA courses will develop your skills for positions in systems and network security. Learn to detect, report, and resolve cyber threats. Course content also covers the use of code encryption to securely pass information between systems, building and using secure audio and video communications equipment, developing tamper protection products, and providing trusted information solutions. Students master the skills of assessing, auditing evaluation, testing network and systems security, and conducting forensic investigations. Students also learn how to perform information systems risk analysis and plan for disaster recovery and business continuity.

The classes listed here are other university courses that support information assurance initiatives:

Course Listing  
CSC 345: Operating Systems
CSC 442: Introduction to Cyber Security
CSC 443: Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
CSC 450: Computer Networks
CSC 454: Advanced Computer Networks
CYEN 402: Access Control Logic & Covert Channels
CYEN 403: Wireless and Mobile Security Syllabus

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