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Recommended Order of Completion for CIS Classes
The following course order should be used as a guideline for completing Computer Information Systems (CIS) courses.

CIS 110 Computer Tools for Business: This course should be taken as soon as the student declares CIS as a major or during the first quarter for first-time Freshman if possible. This course is a prerequisite to CIS 310 and CIS 444

CIS 315 Information Technology and Problem Solving: This course is a prerequisite to CIS 323, CIS 335 and CIS 450. It should be taken late in the Sophomore year or early in the Junior year if possible.

CIS 310 Principles of Information Systems
CIS 323 Database System Management and CIS 335 Application Development for the Internet: These courses are prerequisites to the senior capstone course, CIS 450.

CIS 421 Introduction to Information Systems Assurance: Students interested in taking information assurance electives (CIS 422, CIS 423, CIS 424, CIS 425) are encouraged to take this class late in the Junior Year or early in the Senior Year.

CIS 444 Network Design and Implementation
CIS 450 Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation: CIS capstone course - CIS 323 and CIS 335 must be completed prior to enrolling [Extensive group work required]

CIS 325 Enterprise Systems and Integration
CIS 337 Business Applications Development: Current Programming Techniques (CIS 335 is prerequisite)
CIS 422 Incident Response and Computer Forensics
CIS 423 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
CIS 424 Information Systems Assurance Risk Analysis
CIS 425 Principles of Cryptography

CIS 421 is a prerequisite to CIS 422, CIS 423, CIS 424 and CIS 425

CIS 449 Information Technology Project Management
CIS 460 Trends in Computer Information Systems