Student Spotlight: Anna Garner

Nov 19, 2018 | Business, Engagement

A desire to be in a warmer climate led Missouri-native Anna Garner to tour Louisiana Tech. After her first visit, she was sold.

“I fell in love with campus and how nice everyone was,” said Garner. “Being from Missouri, I didn’t know a lot of people, but everyone made me feel right at home and I made friends easily.”

Anna GarnerOver the course of her four years in Ruston, Garner has immersed herself in the Tech culture and has become involved on campus, a decision she highly recommends to any new student. She’s made lifelong friends and gained valuable experience from her time as a College of Business Ambassador, a member of the College of Business Public Relations Team, a marketing intern for Tech Athletics, and recruitment chair of the Supply Chain Management Club. She has also been involved with residence life, intramurals, Greek life, and the fishing team.

Her time at Tech has also allowed Garner to find where her talent and passions lie and turn that into a career path. She began her collegiate career in the marketing department, but soon switched to the sustainable supply chain management major after taking the College of Business’ required Management 333 course with Dr. Tony Inman.

“I loved the challenge of operations management and I seemed to be pretty good at it,” said Garner. “I had heard Dr. Inman’s course was really difficult, but when I actually got to the class I couldn’t figure out what everyone was talking about. I loved it!”

She recalled being given a problem in that very class and finishing before anyone else. “I decided right then that I needed to be in this major,” said Garner, who equated the challenge of supply chain to solving a puzzle. “I loved what we were doing, and I had a talent for the material. My decision to change my major changed my life for the better.”

Today, Garner can’t imagine where she would be without the guidance of her College of Business faculty and fellow students.

“I have learned so much in my time here at Tech, but I think the College of Business has prepared me especially well to enter the professional workforce. I’ve gained confidence in myself and my abilities to adapt to new environments.”

Garner put those abilities into action this summer through her internship with Buchheit Logistics, the top independent logistics corporation in their region with a network connecting the entire globe. Then, conversely, was able to apply what she learned at Buchheit in a course this quarter.

“I had not previously taken a logistics class, and I’m now enrolled in Dr. Kevin Watson’s ‘Logistics, Tech, and Innovation Management’ course,” she said. “It’s amazing to be able to apply my real-life experiences from this summer to this class and I feel like it has really helped me succeed in the course.”

Now, in anticipation of her graduation this spring, she will begin the process of applying for jobs in the supply chain field—notably already securing several interviews with top companies. And, while she initially explored Tech for Louisiana’s warmer weather, she will savor the final months of her time in this place that has become so much more.

“I can honestly say that I have learned something from every professor and class I have taken at Tech. Even the classes I took that did not apply to my major or my interests opened my eyes to new ideas and experiences,” she said. “College has been the best time of my entire life and has changed me in so many ways. Tech and the College of Business have molded me into the person I am today.”