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Develop a prototype for the next great idea. Immerse yourself in the Internet of Things. Discuss with America’s top CEOs—and Tech alumni, by the way—the issues keeping them up at night. Manage a real investment portfolio. Pitch your best ideas to potential investors. Problem solve with our corporate partners. Intern with Fortune 500 companies—across the world or right next door.

For more than 75 years, we have crafted and prepared the minds of some of the nation’s premier academic and business leaders—so we’ve learned a thing or two about how students learn best. An education is more than just taking notes in a classroom or studying textbooks—and we get that. That is why the College of Business is proud to offer our students state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and innovative learning environments that provide our students with hands-on experiences in their field of study. Most importantly, you’ll learn to leverage technology in business to its fullest and how to lead innovation in any organization.


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alumni Spotlight

India Carroll, '81

CEO of Green Clinic

"One of the greatest benefits of attending Louisiana Tech, and there are many, is that you are fortunate enough to become a member of the 'Tech Family.' You learn that success in life is not just about your skills, but your ability to build relationships and work together with others toward a common goal."

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alumni Spotlight

Brett Hooks

Project Manager, Walmart US Supply Chain

“Understanding one’s opportunities for growth is absolutely integral to his or her success. If my time at Louisiana Tech taught me nothing else, it was how to be authentic in my role as a manager.”

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alumni Spotlight

Taylor McCoy

Analyst, Enterprise Products

“It’s one thing to learn something in a classroom, it’s another to actually do it. Louisiana Tech is really great at teaching through real-life examples, not just by giving you equations and stuff written on a board. The professors build you up in a way that you’re ready to go talk to someone, you’re ready to go meet this important person, you’re ready to put yourself out there."

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alumni Spotlight

Jamie Adams

Chief Revenue Officer, Scorpion

“Every meaningful thing that has happened to me in my life has come because of relationships. Be passionate about what you are doing and put in the work to be great."

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student Spotlight

Matthew Barker

Senior Finance Major

“Louisiana Tech and the College of Business taught me how to form true, meaningful relationships with others and how to be a well-rounded individual. The University and the College both provide many resources to help students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. The culture is second to none and students are encouraged to find what they are passionate about in life.”

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student Spotlight

Marlon Watts

Management Major and Founder of WRLDINVSN

“It’s all about the connections that you make. The connections that Ruston, Louisiana Tech and the College of Business have afforded me are the best thing that’s ever happened.”

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student Spotlight

Bailey Martinez

Master of Accountancy Student

“The professors in the College of Business are always willing to help, encourage, and push me to reach my highest potential. I would not be where I am today without them.”

student Spotlight

Rick Bordelon

Junior Computer Information Systems Major & Associate Consultant at Fenway Group

“We do not just go to work and do a job. We get to see the business side as well. We apply concepts not only from our computer science and computer information systems classes, but also accounting, economics, finance, and business communications.”

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Building Futures

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING — the process of learning through doing — is a key component of course curricula for colleges and universities across the nation. At Louisiana Tech, students are given the unique opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom right next door at Tech Pointe with corporate partners like Fenway Group.

Tech Bossier: A New ‘U’ in Town

The expansion of Louisiana Tech’s physical presence in Shreveport/Bossier, including having faculty and staff onsite to serve and teach students, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to meeting the needs of the region and spurring economic development.

faculty Spotlight

Dr. Bill McCumber

JPJ Investments Endowed Professor of Finance

"If a typical classroom experience is PowerPoint slides, a textbook, and tests, this is the other end of the spectrum. This is experience with professional, real-time data and tools, making analyses and decisions that have immediate and long-term, real-world consequences." (on the Student Managed Investment Fund)

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faculty Spotlight

Bill Bradley

Executive in Residence

“I have a learned a lot in my career about both technology and leadership. I have benefited greatly from executive coaching to develop my leadership skills. I hope to help the students and faculty in the same way I have been helped—overcoming obstacles, thinking from different perspectives, problem solving and coaching.”

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faculty Spotlight

Dr. Michele Maasberg

Assistant Professor of CIS and Herbert H. McElveen Endowed Professor

“I encourage students to figure out what their dream careers are. If they do that, and work hard toward their goals with a single-minded focus with personal integrity, then they will never ‘work’ a day in their lives (because they do what they love). If it happens to be technology (especially cybersecurity), then Louisiana Tech University is the place to be and the possibilities are infinite.”

faculty Spotlight

Dr. Kevin Watson

Jack & Peggy Byrd Endowed Professor, Assistant Professor

“Our curriculum is demanding because our students are learning valuable skills based on what employers need. We are constantly receiving and incorporating feedback from employers and alumni into the curriculum to ensure that the courses we teach reflect the skills employers need.”

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Centers, Playgrounds, & Partnerships

At the College of Business, we understand that learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom.