Students compete for the top Doggone Good Idea

Oct 5, 2020 | Business, Innovation

On Oct. 5, students gathered in University Hall to present innovative ideas and win cash prizes. Students were given one minute to present their ideas and were able to receive feedback from a panel of judges to see if they have the discipline and determination to make their ideas work.

The Doggone Good Idea event allows students to share ideas and to learn and benefit from the ideas and experiences of others.

GRant Ledet won the Judges Choice awardGrant Ledet, a graduate electrical engineering student, won Judges’ Choice and went home with $250. He said that the Doggone Good Idea event is a really good opportunity for people who have ideas, but don’t have other opportunities to get them out there.

Ledet’s winning idea was for sprayable peanut butter and jelly. The purpose of his idea is to make the process of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches more efficient and fun.

Ledet said that since he studies engineering, his brain is wired to look for problems and solutions to solve those problems.

I submitted five different ideas,” said Ledet. “Marketing products is the issue for me. Seeing problems and coming up with solutions is the easy part.”

Abigail Hildenbrand, a biology major, also went home with a prize of $250 for winning the people’s choice award. She presented the idea of a moldable putty that once frozen, can be used as an ice pack and form around any area of the body.

Hildenbrand said that events like the Doggone Good Idea are a great idea and offer a chance for everyone to have the opportunity to get involved.

“This event really gives people the chance to meet others who have unique ideas and help each other out,” said Hildenbrand. “Explaining ideas to yourself is easy, but being able to convey them in person is an exciting challenge.”

While contestants were able to compete for cash prizes, they also had the opportunity to hear from the experience of their panel of judges. Judges were able to share with contestants what inspires them and how they develop their ideas. This year’s judge panel included Alicia Kiremire  (Flow Stream Management), Evan Puckett (DECP Consulting), and Nic Winners (itsjusta6).

Student winners of the pitch contest