Article: High school junior wins cash prize, scholarship for business proposal

Mar 15, 2021 | Business, Engagement

Note: This article originally appeared on on March 11, 2021.

A Loyola College Prep Junior, Claire Scott, was the winner of the Flyers & Buyers contest on Wednesday, March, 10.

The event is sponsored by Louisiana Tech College of Business, Home Federal Bank, and Barksdale Federal Credit Union and is conducted through the Loyola Law Studies Program. The event is meant to teach students how to start a business, make marketing plans and handle dealings from potential investors.

Scott’s winning business proposal was for “Air Candies,” a 100% cotton scented patch meant to be adhered inside of face masks. Scott says “Air Candies” is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality scented mask pads that create a refreshing experience. She says she hopes she can expand her product locally.

“I was extremely impressed with each of the pitches. Claire’s confidence, personality, and passion for her product allowed her rise to the top, though, as she sold us on her business,” said Dr. Chris Martin, dean of Louisiana Tech University’s College of Business and a Flyers & Buyers judge. “The College of Business is proud to partner with Loyola College Prep to promote this early exposure to entrepreneurship. We strive to weave innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology throughout our curriculum in the College, and have two competitions similar to Flyers & Buyers for our students. When we heard about Loyola’s competition, we knew we wanted to support Joe Landreneau’s efforts in some way. I’m hopeful this is the start of a long-term partnership.”

Scott won a $500 cash prize as well as a $1,000 scholarship to Louisiana Tech University’s College of Business. The second and third place teams also won a $500 scholarship to the college as well.

“I am excited to be the 2021 Flyers & Buyers winner!” Scott said. “I am proud of my business plan, and I hope that it will continue to grow. I am thankful that Loyola provides opportunities like this for students who have passion for entrepreneurship.”

Loyola freshman, Josephine Cannon, took second place with her business Kaori Takai Tea, a tea company that promotes health, wellness and arts. Third place went to Glow Cut, a team of three Loyola seniors, Landon Craig, Celeste Baber and Lake Bradford. Glow Cut wants to invest in a laser edger that can engrave images and designs into specific materials to make merchandise to sell to the students, parents and faculty.

The Loyola Law Studies program sponsor, Joe Landreaneau, works with students during the first semester of the school year to develop their business plans and selects the top finalists.

“Every year our students impress me with their passions, ideas, and presentations,” Landreaneau said. “I am so proud of all of the finalists and thankful for our sponsors and judges who invested time and money into our students.”