Hunt Forest Products establishes endowed scholarships

Jun 21, 2022 | Business, Impact

Hunt Forest Products recently established four endowed scholarships at Louisiana Tech University that are designed to make a positive impact on future leaders in the forest products industry.

The scholarships include a $25,000 endowed scholarship in Forestry, a $25,000 scholarship in Sustainable Supply Chain Management, a $25,000 scholarship in Accounting, and a $25,000 scholarship in Engineering. Students in the colleges of Applied and Natural Sciences, Business, and Engineering and Science will benefit from the company’s generosity.

“We are delighted to once again be supporting Louisiana Tech University as it continues to grow and serve our community and our state,” said James D. Hunt, co-owner and vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Hunt Forest Products. “By establishing four endowed scholarships in key disciplines – Forestry, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Accounting, and Engineering – we’re excited to be giving back to Louisiana Tech and helping ensure that a Tech education is more accessible to deserving students.”

Trott Hunt, co-owner and chairman of the Board of Directors for Hunt Forest Products, said the scholarships would help provide greater access to post-secondary education for deserving Louisiana Tech students.

“It is an honor for Hunt Forest Products and our family to be able to support Louisiana Tech by establishing these endowed scholarships,” Hunt said. “We recognize the vitally important role that scholarships play in enabling people to attend college, and what better place to provide that kind of support than right here in Ruston by investing in the students of Louisiana Tech.”

The scholarships will support Louisiana Tech’s strategic initiative to develop programs and research that bolsters collaboration within academic areas, a unique aspect of the Tech culture.

“As we continue to focus strategically on transdisciplinary programs and research that bring together distinct programs that become stronger through collaboration and utilizing shared resources, these endowed scholarships will benefit our students, local businesses, and our state economy,” said Dr. Les Guice, Louisiana Tech President. “I know this commitment from our partner Hunt Forest Products will provide the support many of our students in these areas need to pursue higher education and contribute to the future of one of our state’s most important industries.”

The scholarships are expected to be awarded beginning in 2023-24.