Alumni Spotlight: Darryl Ware

Nov 20, 2018

For Darryl Ware, ’15, it’s all about improving the lives of those around him. And, the Shreveport native and Louisiana Tech management grad is working to do just that. He is currently pursuing a master of public health from Cornell University, a path he chose “to learn more about the social determinants of health and how entrepreneurship can alleviate society’s most pressing issues.”Darryl Ware

He feels well prepared to take on this challenge thanks to his Tech education and the mentors he found in his professors. “The College of Business prepared me for my path by teaching me the fundamentals of any business concept. I would spend hours in the office with Dr. Fuller, Dr. Pullis, Dr. Ring, and both of the Bennetts to learn about business and to also get to know them as individuals.”

It was in a course with Dr. Bennett that he realized he had a natural acumen for business—a moment he considers a standout from his collegiate career. “We had to negotiate the price of assorted deals and at the end of the period, all of the deals would be displayed in the front of class,” said Ware. “I believe I received a 400 percent higher return on my deal than the next best deal in class.” 

Ware’s skills have been recognized on a national level, as well. In 2017, he was named a Forbes Under 30 Scholar. Through this opportunity, he attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, a conference that brings together more than 7,000 inspired young entrepreneurs from across the globe to collaborate and learn about new innovations within a wide range of topics, including technology, healthcare, and business.

At Cornell, he is the founding president of The Big Red Board of Health, a graduate student organization that exists to improve the health outcomes of the community and increase awareness of the issues that affect animal health, environmental health, and human health. He has also served as a strategy intern at Northwestern Medicine, healthcare policy and government affairs fellow with EOP Group, Inc., and business transformation associate with ImplementHIT.

As for his future plans? Ware will continue to impact those he comes in contact with and beyond through determination and his entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. “My future plan is to be in the position to improve the lives of as many people as possible. What that looks like may vary, but I believe that is my true purpose here.”