TechX: Our Technology Playground

Do you have a passion for all things high-tech? Are you looking to take a deep dive into IoT or technology? Does the thought of learning system programming on Ubuntu or developing a new application get you excited? Then TechX is for you. Located next door to the College of Business in University Hall, TechX provides both a physical and virtual playground in which our students gain the access to cutting-edge technology. At TechX, students have their own high-tech “sandbox” to play in and apply what they’ve learned in their Computer Information Systems classes. Play with the latest and greatest hardware and software, learn a new skill on your own or just hang out with like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about business and technology as you are. Click here to learn more about TechX.

Prototyping Lab: Entrepreneurship Playground

Do you have a product idea? Curious what it takes to build a prototype? Interested in the latest in product design technology and machinery? The Louisiana Tech Prototyping Lab should be your first stop on campus! Located in the Integrated Engineering and Science Building, the lab management team can assist with the fabrication and transformation of ideas and concepts into working prototype models. 3D printing, laser cutting, water jetting, and more are available. Click here to learn more about the Prototyping Lab’s services and FAQs.