Right message, right place, right time

New ideas, products, and services must be effectively expressed to their target audiences in order to be successful. That’s where marketers come in—delivering the right message in the right place at the right time. It’s a sophisticated science that starts with a Louisiana Tech marketing degree.

You’ll gain invaluable experience in all facets of the business side of marketing with courses in salesmanship, consumer behavior, business advertising, retailing, sales management, and international marketing. You can even manage a real-world consulting firm, Bulldog Marketing Consultants. This is our student-run consultancy studio course that works to deliver a wide range of marketing projects, plans, and strategies to both companies and nonprofits under the guidance of the College of Business faculty, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills as a future marketer.

Marketing Concentrations

  • General Marketing: A broad, all-encompassing perspective in marketing
  • Sports Marketing: Combines business fundamentals with the sports and recreation industry—all while preparing students to become well-trained marketing professionals
  • Sales: Focuses on business-to-business marketing through customized solutions for key customers
  • Digital Marketing: Understand data-backed insights to improve decision-making while becoming an expert in all aspects of marketing in the digital world 


Working as part of a large team and creating a marketing plan for a real-life firm in my Marketing Strategy course helped me develop in ways that extend far beyond the classroom walls. I was able to learn so many different things from so many different people in the College of Business. There are countless networking opportunities around every corner. My experience both in and out of the classroom allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person. Whether it was a teacher or a guest speaker or even a friend, my path to success was shaped by the people around me throughout my time in the College of Business.

Gavin Kelly, '18

Social Media Strategist, Louisiana Tech University


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To view the minors available to College of Business students, please visit our Minors page. To learn more about the marketing minor, click below.

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Bulldog Marketing Consulting

Bulldog Marketing Consulting is a studio course comprised of undergraduate and graduate marketing students working with real-world clients over the course of a year. It provides them with the opportunity to gain mastery of their classroom studies through intensive experiential learning. The class works with companies and nonprofits to deliver a wide range of consulting projects, marketing plans, strategies, insights, and analysis and operates under the guidance and expertise of College of Business faculty. This gives students the chance to develop skills as future marketing leaders and offer their innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to our partner companies.

Bulldogs in Paris

During Bulldogs in Paris, the College of Business’ study abroad program, students visit France for eight days under the guidance of marketing professors. Students tour businesses in Paris and Reims—locations like Pommery Champagne House and Lesage, an embroidery company that is a supplier for luxury brands like Chanel. Students also attend lectures at IÉSEG School of Management and take several pre-trip classes to prepare and learn international business concepts and trends.


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