Concurrent Enrollment Program

Get a Head Start on your Graduate Degree

Want to start your graduate degree early? Our Concurrent Enrollment Program allows Louisiana Tech students to get a head start on MBA or MAcc courses while still in an undergraduate program. Read on to learn more about how you can accelerate your graduate education.

“This program is allowing me to work towards my MBA while finishing up my undergraduate degree. I will graduate this spring with my undergraduate and then I will graduate the following spring with my masters degree. I am only in my third year now, so the concurrent program gives me the opportunity of using my fourth year of TOPS towards my second degree which significantly decreases the financial burden. The greatest benefit to me personally is the financial benefit, as well as the time frame. In four years, I will have two degrees that have been fully paid for through TOPS and other scholarships.”

Hannah Cobb

Concurrent MBA Student

What Is Required To Apply?

To be eligible to register for graduate credit and take classes, students need a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 and have less than 30 hours remaining in their undergraduate degree program. To apply students must obtain the following:

  1. Submit your graduate school application, $40 application fee, and two letters of reference. One can be from a business professional and the other must be from your faculty advisor. The letter from your faculty advisor must state that you:
    1. have less than 30 undergraduate hours to complete your undergraduate degree;
    2. state when you are expected to complete your undergraduate degree (quarter/year) leaving room for graduate level courses;
    3. include your current UGPA;
    4. and that you are recommended for a Master’s program
  2. Students should contact Ms. Kassi Speaks once you have submitted your application and obtained your two letters of reference so that a letter of support can be attached to your application.

What Is Required During The Program?

  1. Students must maintain undergraduate status.
  2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 until awarded the bachelor’s degree.
  3. All students are expected to enroll in at least one graduate level course each quarter of undergraduate enrollment.

No more than 12 graduate credit hours may be earned while completing bachelor’s requirements. Courses taken for graduate credit cannot be used to satisfy undergraduate requirements. Students not meeting the undergraduate preparatory requirements will not be eligible for this program.

After Earning your Undergraduate Degree

Upon undergraduate graduation, students are required to apply to graduate school for admission into the master’s degree program. Applicants to the graduate school will not be charged another $40 application fee.

Students seeking admission to another master’s program, other than the program in which they were granted concurrent enrollment, must meet the same admissions requirements as other applicants of that program. GMAT scores will only be waived for those admitted to the Concurrent Enrollment Program provided they continue to pursue the degree for which they were initially admitted and maintain all other conditions to retain graduate status.


Graduate Programs Contact Information

College of Business Graduate Programs Office 

Master of Accountancy

Dr. John Lauck
Director of School of Accountancy

Dr. Michael Luehlfing
MAcc Program Advisor
Phone: 318.257.3490

Master of Business Administration 

Dr. William McCumber
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs