Center for Entrepreneurship & Information Technology (CEnIT)

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology (CEnIT) connects the talents and resources of the College of Engineering and Science and the College of Business. Working to advance research, entrepreneurial education, and technology transfer, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is focused on providing services, support, and networking opportunities to facilitate rapid growth for business enterprises who demonstrate the strong potential for success.

The Center works with both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses to offer intensive training, coaching and consulting from experienced professionals.  Through a wide range of programs, events, and courses offered, entrepreneurs can be guided through the startup and expansion process. Students will get the opportunity to conduct in-depth customer discovery, research, validation to refine a minimum viable product and develop an effective business model and funding proposal.

CEnit Photo

The Center also works alongside some of our other innovative facilities to provide an added level of dynamism to students’ education. Students may pitch ideas at the “Top Dog” New Venture Championship or participate in the I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator to receive training, coaching, and networking opportunities that facilitate strong and steady progress for new ventures.

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