Dr. Erica Murray

Research Associate Professor

Department: Institute for Micromanufacturing

Phone: 318.257.5148

Fax: 318.257.5104

Email: emurray@latech.edu

Office: IFMM 113

Address: 911 Hergot AVE


Ruston, LA 71272


Specialties: Electrochemical Corrosion, Electrochemical Gas Sensors, and Additive Manufacturing
Affiliated Research Center: Institute for Micromanufacturing
Research Lab: Murray Electrochemistry Group, IfM Lab 1

Dr. Murray’s research focuses on electrochemical techniques to characterize the corrosion behavior of complex metal alloys fabricated by various additive manufacturing methods, including selective laser melting and friction stir weld AM. Metal alloys relevant to marine, automotive, and biomedical applications are studied. The aim is to correlate microstructural properties resulting from AM processing parameters with electrochemical corrosion behavior, in order to identify measures for fabricating AM parts with greater corrosion resistance. Also, studied are the electrochemical response characteristics of electroceramic materials for ammonia, carbon monoxide, and methane gas sensors.